About Abbie

Hello and welcome to the official webpage of author Abbie Jackson.

Abbie was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia.  Professionally, Abbie spent thirteen years working as a Pathology Assistant for the largest hospital in Queensland, across multiple departments.  She has always had a thirst for knowledge, particularly in the medical field and enjoys using her experience and interest in this area to influence her writing.

Abbie has traveled extensively around the world prior to starting her family. Although travel is now taking a backseat to raising her children, she still has a great desire to see more of the world.

Abbie now runs her own business from home, allowing her to remain a full-time mother to the greatest joys of her life: her four beautiful children. Abbie has a four year old son, a three year old daughter and (just turned) one year old twins.

Having such young children has prompted Abbie to write a series of children’s books, which she is currently in the process of completing.  She also loves to write crime, thrillers, fantasy and medical mysteries.  Abbie is also currently working on a crime trilogy which she hopes to complete in 2016.

Her debut work, Shannon’s Legacy is due to be released as part of a short story anthology entitled Second Chance Cafe on 13th November 2015.  Along with acclaimed authors Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Susanne Bellamy and Noelle Clark, Second Chance Cafe is a collection of love, romance and rebirth.

Abbie can be contacted on this link.  She loves hearing from her fans!