Dealer Always Wins

House of Cards is the first installment of my upcoming crime trilogy ‘Dealer Always Wins’.  Due to be released mid 2016.

House of Cards

Will ‘Ace’ Avery, the top homicide detective in his unit returns from a leave of absence following the suspicious death of his partner. Going against orders, Ace begins investigating the murder and discovers a horrifying conspiracy.  As the bodies begin to pile up, will Ace and his new partner be able to unravel the web of deceit in time?

Full House

Ace and Sasha continue in their fight against police and political corruption to bring justice for the ever-growing number of victims.  But just how high does the tangled web reach? When each step they take is blocked by bureaucracy, they have only each other to rely on. But when they discover a mole in their ranks, their faith in each other will be rocked to its core.

Royal Flush

Ace and Sasha won one battle, big as it was, but there’s still the war to win against the corruption plaguing their town. But how do they bring down someone ‘untouchable’?

As the chips begin to fall into place, all bets are off in this do or die game.